Welcome to Friends of Lums Pond, Inc., a dedicated nonprofit organization committed to the preservation and enhancement of Lums Pond State Park, Delaware's natural gem. Established in 2002, we are a passionate group of volunteers operating independently from Delaware State Parks. Our mission is to safeguard and enrich the park through meticulous needs assessment, transformative enhancement projects, effective public relations, and engaging educational initiatives.

We volunteer, fund raise to support special park needs, educate, and advocate for our park. We are a registered 501c3 non-profit organization operating under a Friends agreement with the Division of Parks and Recreation. We adhere to Delaware State Parks Standards for Friends Organizations. All duly enrolled, participating members are considered Division volunteers.

Our Independence

We proudly stand as an independent entity, separate from State Park Management, which allows us the flexibility and freedom to pursue our mission with unwavering dedication and creativity.

Our Mission

Our Goals

Our collective efforts are aimed at achieving several key goals:

Membership Benefits

When you join Friends of Lums Pond, you become an integral part of our mission. As a member, you enjoy a range of benefits:

Board of Directors

Our leadership team is hard at work behind the scenes. They meet directly with the park staff and keep us aligned to our mission and goals. We hold elections for board positions, so please reach out if you have motivation to help steer the future of our group!

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Park History

Lums Pond is a Delaware treasure, boasting the distinction of being the state's largest freshwater pond, covering 200 acres of the original 1790 tract that now constitutes Lums Pond State Park. The park's rich history dates back to 1963 when it first became a state park. However, its origins trace to the early 1800s when the damming of St. Georges Creek and the construction of the C&D Canal created the iconic pond. Before this transformation, the creek flowed through a hardwood forest, serving as a hunting ground for Native American communities. The pond's waters powered the canal locks and a nearby mill.

Park Features

Lums Pond State Park offers a diverse array of features and amenities to delight visitors of all ages:

Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to champion Lums Pond State Park, creating a lasting legacy for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference in preserving the natural wonders of our beloved park.